Louisa Stewart

Blue Ninja Business Support

The future of administration support is virtual

About Louisa Stewart

Louisa is a professional administrator, having worked in both private and public sector admin for more than 14 years and completing a degree in Information Management in Australia.

Louisa started Blue Ninja Business Support after becoming a bit burned out administering international programmes. She wanted a change so set up Blue Ninja to offer virtual admin support options to small businesses (specialising in rural small business), providing flexibility to businesses who don’t always need full-time admin support (and the extra costs that go with hiring and training admin).

This seminar will introduce you to a new area of administrative support you may not be aware of – Virtual Administration (VA). As businesses look for further cost savings, a VA could be THE solution to relieve the administrative burden of businesses. By the end of this seminar you will understand what a VA is, the growing VA industry, what type of support is offered and how to find your next VA.

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