Beth Carter

Green 4

Improving your Visitor Engagement Strategy to Ensure Success

About Beth Carter

Beth graduated from Leeds University in 2002 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Management Studies. Her career started in CRM technology when she joined Green 4 from its inception in 2006.

During her time with Green 4 she has been actively helping a wide variety of organisations across the Sport, Leisure and Visitor Attractions industries to develop a visitor-centric strategy through the implementation of data-driven CRM technology solutions.

Beth is passionate about identifying best practice visitor journey strategies that have seen proven results and has worked with a number of Visitor Attractions over the last ten years to implement these. Beth’s favourite local visitor attraction is Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire.

At Green 4 we know that if you put the visitor at the centre of your attraction, you will achieve success.

Join this session to learn the top tips from our best practice expert on how to improve your visitor engagement strategy.

We’ll be covering a variety of topics including establishing a single view of each of your visitors; the introduction of a visitor-centric culture throughout your attraction; establishing an effective data management strategy; obtaining insights from your visitor data and translating these insights into actions that will drive success for your attraction.

Our approach has been proven to give you happier visitors and increased customer retention.

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