Stainless Steel Slides Worldwide by Massey & Harris

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New Designs and a $1 Billion Project for Massey & Harris:

July was another exciting month for us with worldwide demand for our slides including an office slide in Mauritius and a restaurant slide in Saudi Arabia.  Alongside orders from playground companies across the UK it proved a busy month!

July also saw the arrival of our new sheet rolling machine giving us increased capacity for slide production as well as something new and interesting for the fabrication team to get their hands on.  The machine even has a ‘teach’ function so repetitive sheet rolling work will be a doddle … so they tell us … watch this space!

At Massey and Harris we love a challenge so we were delighted to receive a request for a Copper slide … a first for us.  We knew that Copper would pose too many fabrication issues so we looked at metallic powder coating, but it just wouldn’t do: not to be beaten we turned to the vehicle wrapping industry.

Thanks to demand in the Manchester area there are a number of local vehicle wrapping companies providing a choice of metallic vinyl finishes.   Our request was a first for the chosen vehicle wrapping company so we worked closely with them to achieve the right post fabrication finish: the end result was a beautiful, quality, simply awesome finish.  We can’t wait to share the post-installation images from Jeddah!

July saw us revisiting a domestic slide installation in London: the house is fully refurbished and the family have moved in and are loving using their 5 metre high curved slide to travel from the upper stair landing, through the playroom floor into the basement kitchen.

It was great to be invited back to look around the completed project: the slide sits naturally within this seriously cool environment replete with a brass bell to sound the all clear at the bottom! 

Another first … a mirror polished slide left the workshop destined for a Farmhouse in the Yorkshire hills after being (very carefully!) loaded onto our transport for delivery.  It looked stunning in production and it will look even more awesome when the development of the stone building is finished.

How many firsts can one month bring!  Our two latest tunnel slides left for Mauritius in a tightly packed container for arrival in a month’s time.  Once they are craned in through the window of the 10th floor of the building and installed they will be the first office slides in Mauritius: both the client and the team at Massey and Harris are very excited about it.


Finally, this month; Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi opened after a $1 billion dollar build to create one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world.  The scale of the project is truly incredible.  We are very proud to have supplied one of the theme park slides and feel privileged to have had a sneak, behind the scenes preview prior to the opening.