Mobile fast assembly buildings and structures - a superior alternative to existing construction methods. A lot of business employ quick assembly technologies in the course of business expansion as a cost effective alternative to the traditional building methods. Primary advantages of employing mobile fast assembly technique are lower associated costs. They are drastically lower than those of brick and mortar building of similar footage. The primary benefit - is quick return on investment. You can expect to begin recouping your initial investment in as little as 6 weeks.

Benefits of rapid assembly structures:
high-speed manufacturing and assembly process (about 6 weeks)
quick disassembly, transportation and reassembly
overall lower cost of rapid assembly structures [when compared to traditional structures]
large indoor area without space consuming internal support columns (up to 8000 square meters)
wide range of ground surfaces is suitable for fast assembly structures
light transmitting fabric requires no daytime indoor lighting
ample opportunities to employ unorthodox design [fixtures]
comfort of use year around
Mobile fast assembly buildings and structures are ideal for covering playgrounds, swimming pools, skating rinks, dolphinariums, restaurants and bars, sales pavilions, work sites, equipment hangars, warehouses, mobile hospitals as well as for all types of temporary accommodations.

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