Solartonic UK Limited

solartonic`s super-charged, smart solar lighting machines are the most aesthetic, versatile, aerodynamic, and reliable off-grid lighting and connected infrastructure systems. We offer whole product solutions that are ideally suited for streets, highways, parking lots, walkways, cycling paths, nature trails, and parks.

solartonicTM LLC is a USA limited liability company, founded in 2011, with a subsidiary solartonicTM UK Ltd in 2017, to address strategic markets across all of Europe.

solartonicTM differentiates itself with distinctly autonomous, smart, solar powered solutions which meet the growing requirements for integrated smart city and climate resilient infrastructure.

Our unique system features are:

Grid Independent - Long-life, high performance Lithium-ion batteries provides reliable autonomous, off-grid electricity with an expected 20-year total system life. We also avoid the cost of trenching and disruption to traffic and pedestrians. Our systems can be located anywhere, without any reliance on existing infrastructure, with the lowest cost of ownership.

Smart - A singular, versatile streetscape platform for integrated delivery of energy efficient lighting and secure mesh networked cloud-based management services for Wi-Fi; cellular; CCTV; LED street signs; traffic signals; digital media screen displays and IoT sensors with atmospheric monitoring.

Elegant - our solar powered systems are fully integrated into the formfactor of the devices being powered, from our slender monolithic light poles, bus shelter enclosures, monument canopies and integrated battery enclosures, to provide a seamless yet versatile platform for a multitude of multifunctional applications.

Resilient - solarlumeā„¢ with our internationally patented omni-directional aerodynamic solarapā„¢ modules, are vandal resistant and optimized for seasonal performance in any global location which are shade and climate tolerant. All our vertically integrated solar collectors ensure no dust nor snow build-up, hence no cleaning required. Our adaptive smartadaptTM controls ensure no blackouts.

High Performance - Our products are custom designed using state of the art analytics and software systems, ensuring the highest efficiency and the most reliable performance available in the market. Our performance is validated through active R+D testing and evaluated through internationally recognized metrics for each unique climate zone and location on the planet.

High Quality - solartonic manufacturing is based on principles of high performance machines and automobiles. All units are design-integrated, assembled and tested in our facility in the USA, before shipping. we partner with a robust supply chain of top tier equipment and lighting manufacturers to offer the widest range of high quality products.

Zero energy costs - solartonic`s smart infrastructure solution delivers zero energy costs, while protecting end-users from future utility tariffs and cost inflation for LEDs and solar technologies. 20-40% life-cycle savings are possible compared to new grid-tied LED systems.

Revenue generating - When integrated with smart services such as cellular and wi-fi leases, or digital media display advertising, we provide customers with a fast ROI and new revenue generating streams.

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