Since one of our directors, Gillian Nahum, first experienced an electric boat conversion courtesy of the legendary inventor of the pancake motor, Cedric Lynch, in 1987, she has been a lover of this seemingly effortless mode of transport afloat. With ballast required for any displacement craft it seems logical to make the ballast work for you rather than fill the bilges of your boat with pig iron or concrete!

Henley Sales and Charter Ltd, founded in 1992 by Gillian and now co-directed by Stuart Roberts, always featured electric boats, both new and on brokerage, some over a century old, others constructed during the renaissance of electric boating in the latter years of the twentieth century.
Gillian and Stuart have a successful day hire eboating business on the banks of the Thames aptly named Pure Boating. Electric day boats are the perfect choice for any day hire operator and the customers love them for their clean, quiet running and reliability. With the availability and affordability of electric cars increasing dramatically it seemed like the time was right to open a new company focusing solely on electric boats.

In late 2016 the Paris Climate Agreement was ratified by over 100 countries and electric transport in all its guises is playing a crucial role in helping countries to achieve the aim of cutting greenhouse gases and moving their citizens into a new era of electric mobility.

Stuart and Gillian have the experience and expertise to advise customers on all aspects of ownership whether for private or commercial use.


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